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Marian Gaborik In Worst Slump of Career

Alex Silverberg

Marian Gaborik, the New York Rangers' star player, has three goals in his last 19 games yet the Blueshirts have stayed afloat in the playoff race. If this were the case last year, the team would all be dwelling in the cellar with the Isles and Devils.

Gaborik, who is on pace for less than 20 goals for the season, has the skill and determination to improve his game so it all boils down to one question: Is he hiding an injury? In almost every game since coming back from a shoulder issue, No. 10 has had a tendency to "float" along the ice instead of grinding and bashing as his teammates successfully do. This has drawn the ire of Coach Tortorella who all but called out his star winger, but if Gaborik is hurt does it make it excusable?

The answer to that, at least according to the Tortorella, is absolutely not. “We’ve got guys grinding their ass off, developing scoring chances,” the coach told Jesse Spector of the Daily News. “We need some of our skill guys to score a goal for us.” What Tortorella is really saying is that he needs Gaborik to play hard on the puck, to drive the net and to find open space even if it means paying the physical price. The fans ask for the same thing. We don't want another Kovalev on our hands.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you but we need to face facts either Gaborik is hurt is going to be hurt or is going to play scared, he isn't going to produce and if and when he does he will get hurt again.