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Olli Jokinen...Ugh


Over the last couple of years I think that Glen Sather has done a good job of making trades that won't hurt this team. I was also a fan of the signings he made this offseason of Ales Kotalik, Chris Higgins, and Marian Gaborik obviously. But yesterday's trade with Calgary is just plain dumb in my opinion and reeks of years past when this team couldn't make the playoffs no mattter what they did.

I know that Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik have not put up numbers, but I think getting rid of them, for another high-priced, underachieving forward is just dumb, especially considering what we gave up.

Chris Higgins is playing well, even though he's not putting the puck in the net, and I don't think Tortorella has given Kotalik a fair chance since he's never been higher than the third line consistently. Of course he's not going to score goals with Donald Brashear and Brian Boyle as is linemates. And his shot on the power play is worth keeping him around even if he is getting only fourth line minutes.

Olli Jokinen has only 11 goals this season - just three more than Kotalik but in many more games - but does have 24 assists. Maybe he can bring some playmaking to this offense but it's hard to say for a guy who has been relatively disappointing since being picked third overall. He certainly isn't an explosive playmaker and I don't think he has the capacity to really spring this offense to life, especially since two of our more talented wingers (debatable but I think they both can play) are gone.

I thought originally that this might be a good move by Sather. Before I looked at the numbers, I figured it would save a bunch of money and we'd be getting slightly more production. I was wrong. Jokinen makes about the same amount as Higgins and Kotalik combined and for a longer period of time.

And why throw Prust into the mix? By my count, that would put three guys on the roster who are about as productive at producing goals as Henrik Lundqvist is; Donald Brashear, Aaron Voros, and now Prust. Prust is only 25 so he might play with a little more speed and potential than the other two and it's also possible that Calgary made the Rangers take him if we wanted Jokinen. I think that most likely he'll be sent to the fourth line with Brashear active as well.

When all is said and done, I really hate this move. I know the Blueshirts needed some offense, but no trade is ever worth offense at the wrong price. I think Sather was forced into this by the losing skid that just ended with the win at Colorado and I don't think we are going to see much of a difference now.

Of course I hope Olli Jokinen can impress, I just don't see it coming.

-Mike Valvano

P.S. Chris Drury and Wade Redden both make $1 mill more than Jarome Iginla this season!!!!


  1. Wade Redden and Glen Sather that POS need to be hanged.

  2. I'm confused here...isn't Jokinen an UFA at the end of the season? With that being the case, there's no way he makes more Kotalik and Higgins, for a longer period of time.

    Right now, the move looks like crap, because JOKINEN looks like crap. But getting rid of those other 2 stiffs makes up for it, in my mind.