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SHOW SOME GUTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Rangers Get Shutout, Gaborik Gets Shot, Girardi and the rest of them, should be shot.

January 22, 2010
By Tony "Mr. Angry Hockey Fan" Grater

This is NOT gonna be a very happy blog today...Sorry, it’s Friday, I’ve had a crappy week and I needed TWO cups of coffee this morning. So, forgive me if the “pissed-off hockey fan” in me, takes over.

So...I was out late last night, and therefore didn’t see the game. Therefore, I can’t really speak very intelligently on the actual game. But I did see one part...oh, did I see one part...


Are you kidding me?? Really, Girardi? REALLY??

I mean, is this freaking Dale Rolfe vs. Dave Schultz all over again? Now, granted Gaborik actually initiated the fight, and Carcillo, a known goon, should have just walked away and laughed him off, but still...HOW do you sit there, and watch your superstar player get his lunch handed to him, and just WATCH?? And it’s not even like Girardi stood off to the side, and could use the excuse that he was watching the proceedings like everyone else, he was RIGHT THERE people…right freaking there!

Even HE admitted he should’ve stepped in:

"I guess I was overthinking it, Girardi said. "I didn't want to take another penalty, because I knew we already had one there, but I should have gotten involved. I should have jumped in. Maybe it was the wrong decision, but it was the decision I made at the time. If there's a next time, I would go."

Yeah, whatever Dan. Still no freaking excuse.

And as far as Carcillo, himself, goes? Well, you’re a REAL tough guy, aren’t you? “Licking your chops” to get a shot at Marian Gaborik? Why? Shouldn’t you have been licking them to maybe get a shot at Sean Avery instead? Oh never mind, you fought Avery after that, and HE WON!

After the game, John Torterella expressed his “frustration” over Carcillo’s decision to fight Gaborik:

"There's no honor in that," Torterella said. "I don't play the game, I don't wear the uniform, so I don't want to say too much about that. There's no honor in that. It's pretty embarrassing."

Good point John, but there’s much more embarrassment over the fact that Donald Brashear, Mr. Enforcer, is benched in a game against the Flyers, always known as a rough team. Especially with the likes of Carcillo, and Scott Hartnell. Granted, Brashear has been useless since he’s been on this team, but he’s getting paid $1.5 million to fight dirtbags like this, win or not…PLAY HIM!!!

As far as the actual game goes, like I said, I was out last night, so I didn’t see much of it. But the Rangers obviously didn’t do much. After exploding for 14 goals in two fight filled games, the Boys in Blue managed just 24 shots on Ray Emery, and were shut out, 2-0. Mike Richards and James van Riemsdyk scored the Flyer goals, while the Blueshirts decided they would much rather try to impersonate the Broad Street Bullies, rather then actually trying to beat them. Way to get revenge for that 6-0 beat down back in December...good job boys!

Anyway..like I said, angry blog today. Oh well. I think I speak the feelings of most Ranger fans right now, who should be disgusted by a game like this. The Blueshirts next take the ice tomorrow, for a rematch against a Canadiens team they dismantled, 6-2, at the Garden this past Sunday. Yeah, let’s see them do that at the Belle Centre on Saturday night, where they once blew a 5-0 lead. Then I’ll be impressed!

One final thing, anyone see John Torterella’s press conference last night, with our good ol' friend, Larry Brooks? If not, enjoy. Probably the best part of the evening from a Rangers standpoint!


  1. Tortorella really has no business in saying Carcillo has no honor when in the clips i've seen, it shows Gaborik dropping his gloves first. While I do agree maybe Carcillo should have just grappled with him for a little while and maybe thrown a harmless punch or 2, end of the day he still has a reputation, goon or not. Teammates should have stepped in, but they didn't. Hopefully its a lesson learned, but first things first, Tortorella needs to pipe down with the honor BS.


  2. Chris,

    I agree, Torts was out of line in saying that.

    It is ridiculous that they benched Brashear, like you said Tony, that is what they pay him for!

    I am excited to watch the next game between these two teams. It should be interesting.

  3. And what was Gaborik thinking when he started a fight with Carcillo? I guess he thought it wouldn't have gotten that far............Probably would have never happen if someone else stepin like they should have.

  4. But a lot of people have been calling Brashear useless. They pay him to be tough/goon but he hasn't been playing that way at all so I heard. Who knows what would have happen if Brashear was in.

  5. I've posted on several different forums all season that the Rangers have been severely deficient in overall team toughness this season. This started with Hank getting run into regularly with no consequences, was highlighted by Girardi watching Anisimov get plastered into the boards against ATL and doing nothing, and capped off by Girardi's shameful inaction last night.

    While I've enjoyed the 14 goal outburst, I haven't been fooled by it. This team lacks leadership, chemistry and team toughness and will probably make it to the dance, but not get past the first round. What we are lacking you cannot buy or trade for, and will not come in the form of one player.

    Carcillo may have no honor, but Girardi has no balls, and I won't ever look at him the same way again.

  6. Couldn't have said it any better myself Wolfie. At least not without ranting about it in a 635-word article!!

  7. Voros has been playing well lately and there was no reason to bench him for Brashear, especially since the games against the Flyers this year have been calm (particularly the win in Philly).

    And Girardi could not have stepped in. He would have been the third man and might be facing suspension if he jumped in. Gabby is a grown man and he dropped the gloves first, nothing Girardi can do. I agree that Carcillo was cheap in going after Gabby, but Girardi was helpless.