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Rangers in Turmoil

The signs were there. All the wonders about success the Rangers fans enjoyed in the first eight games has evaporated. Passing through more than a third of the season allows for constant speculation and evaluation of the Rangers talent.

What is the evaluation? The Broadway Blueshirts are as unqualified as a chef trying to construct a house. The team's talent has run dry since Jaromir Jagr left for Russia.

The owner of MSG network, Mr. Dolan, cares about a couple of matters:

1.) Not changing upper management in a whim just because the team is not performing up to expectations. Look how much effort it took to remove former Knicks coach and current Florida International head-man, Isiah Thomas: A sexual harassment suit and a ten-million dollar guilty rendering against MSG. There were other improprieties which were not made public but that image led to his dismissal.

2.) Like every other businessman, Dolan seems to release people if it affects his wallet rather than poor newspaper results. The Rangers General Manager, Glen Sather, is a dinosaur to the organization. I am sure the two have constant meetings with regards to the team and Sather gives his conviction as to who would be the best to move forward. Unfortunately, for the Blueshirts faithful, it appears as if he is stuck in the Gretzky era and has lost touch with talent that works in the new NHL.

Even though the Rangers have made the playoffs every season since the lockout, with the exception of Gaborik, Prospal, and occasionally Kotalik, there is no efficiency or productivity on the offensive end. Hockey analysts can discuss about how Gilroy won the Hoby Baker Award, Del Zotto is an emerging presence and Redden has exceeded expectations with respect to last year; One problem, where’s the teams' proof?

One second round playoff appearance since hockey operations stopped and it is because the Devils have been in the same boat as the Rangers. Similar talent locations: between the pipes, the occasional forward, and a couple of enforcers defensively.

My suggestion: Sather has no clue about evaluating forwards. It is not the players’ fault that they are being over-hyped; it is the General Managers’ responsibility to review talent where it exists. Are Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky operable and effective offensive players? Who are we kidding here!

You changed Tom Renney because you saw the strategies implemented. Mr. Sather, you wanted to speed the tempo and see creativity to spark the club. John Tortorella is a very good head coach, but he is not the one that plays on the ice; the players you were in charge of drafting, trading for, and signing are the performers.

Mr. Sather has had a great career in coaching and management, but it’s time to step aside and allow new blood to organize a fresh core of players. You know that unless there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you, Mr. Dolan will not remove your services. Swallow the pride you have and become a consultant rather than continuing the demise of what was an exciting franchise.

No exciting Rangers team would be within a minute of suffering a shutout against the Islanders. New York could not figure out Dwayne Roloson and he is not even the best goalie in that organization. Five straight losses (with two points) and a 14-16-3 record should demonstrate that the 18,000,000 people in the New York City metropolitan area, regardless of whether or not those people follow the Devils or Islanders, deserve the best product.

1 comment:

  1. Very well said! Sather must on/retire. Loved him as a player and GM in Edmonton, but honestly has done little here in a decade. Your statements are true and kind as well to Sather.